Consultant mentorship

Our consultant team is made up of more than 10 graduates from prestigious academic institutions across the United States. Each of them have their own personal experience applying to colleges, and understand the weight such a grueling process can have on one’s shoulders. To such, they can directly relate to the college applicants in which they assist. Our consultants are interactive, and facilitate communication with every student in the program and their parents at a high frequency, at least once a week. They will inspire and guide our students in preparing themselves for the most important years of their academic careers.

Core Consultant Team Members

Yixin Hong

Cornell University
Bachelor of Science in Economics and Mathematics

Yabang Liu

Cornell University
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Yunyan Chen

Cornell University
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Yan Yang

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Yuan Liang

UK University of Bath
Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Yining Yang

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering

Tingting Wei

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Master of Science in Economics

Zihao Zhang

Cornell University
Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

Chenxing Zhang

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Guide students to explore their favorite major and university

In the early stages of participating in the Premiere Program, our consultants will exchange in depth with the students, and guide them to discover their interests, with the ultimate goal of the selection of a desired university and major.

Personal time planning

A targeted and effective personal time plan is the key to students entering top universities in the United States. Therefore, our consultants will tailor a bespoke program that spans all 3/4 high school years according to the specific situation of each student.

Assist students to develop their research project with professors

It is not an easy thing for high school students to conduct a professional research project with a professor. Therefore, our consultants will help the students sort out the relevant professional knowledge and background before the students communicate with the professors, so that they can conduct academic discussions with the professors more effectively.

Personalized activity planning

Our consultants will guide the students to plan their on-campus and off-campus activities according to student’s academic interests, personal hobbies and other backgrounds. For example, the student will be guided on how to set up activities related to their favorite major, and how to volunteer to solve real world problems.

Competition and professional project counseling

We have set up a special international competition and project research department. It is responsible for collecting professional competition and project information for our students, such as AMC, TED and so on. At the same time, this department works closely with consultants to help students conquer the competition that suits them.