Professor one-to-one mentorship

Currently, we have more than 70 professors in the program. Their research interests cover just about all of the majors that are offered in American universities. Every student who joins our program will shadow their assigned professors and develop their own research projects.
The professors who participate in the IECG Premiere Program are from the following top universities in the United States:
Princeton University
Stanford University
Columbia University
California Institute of Technology
Cornell University
University of Southern California(USC)
University of Washington
Wake Forest University
New York University
The University of Texas at Austin
Boston University
Ohio State University
North Carolina State University

*Please note that IECG Premiere Program is NOT affiliated with any universities in the United States, and our professors do NOT participate in the application process at all.

Engineering Professors

Students who are interested in these majors will work with our engineering professors to carry out research projects. Through long-term participation with professors, students not only gain engineering related knowledge, but also exercise their analytical abilities and ability to solve problems independently. These qualities are very important to studying engineering in universities today.

Business Professors

Students who want to study business major, they will work with our business professors to explore the business field. Our professors usually use case study method to lead the students to gradually master the business knowledge and cultivate their business sensitivity and dialectical thinking. During the summer vacation, students will also carry out personal business projects under the guidance of professors, and improve their leadership, organizational skills and communication skills in practice.

Sociology Professors

Our humanities and sociology professors focus on the areas of education, sociology, philosophy, literature, law, journalism, communication, art, design and anthropology. Students can conduct one-on-one research with their assigned professors based on their interests.

Economics Professors

Economics is a very broad and theory-based major with many different concentrations. For example, social economics, financial economics, agricultural economics, etc. Therefore, for those students who want to study economics, they must have a more comprehensive understanding of the field, and then decide which concentration of economics that they are interested in. Our students can explore the economics major with economics professors and consultants, to find the most suitable direction in the economics.

Science Professors

Our science professors focus on areas of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. Students who are interested in science can conduct one-on-one research with their assigned professors based on their own interests.