The origin of IECG Premiere Program

Before the establishment of the Premiere Program, we, like most students, experienced the struggles of choosing a major. Some of us have even wasted one or two years of university because of a lack of planning or a change in mindset. Because of our similar experiences, we met at Cornell University together, and formulated our goal: to help high school students find their favorite college majors and provide them with the finest education resources to let them learn about themselves and gain insight into a rich abundance of industries and fields.
Inspired by America’s university system, we decided to bring the resources of professors from top American universities to high school students in China. Therefore, through various efforts, we have successfully united a few professors from American Ivy League Universities to help us create the growth program that can best enhance the individual abilities of high school students. The IECG Premiere Program was born.

2013IECG launched its first project, Premiere Program, in Ithaca, New York, with the goal of providing the best education resources to young and self-motivated individuals.
2014IECG Premiere Program gained a foothold in the U.S. market through our creative concept and unique service model.
2015IECG Premiere Program formally entered the Chinese market, working closely with top Chinese international high schools located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi'an, and Beijing.
On the one hand, we focused on improving our service quality, which is not only to help each student grow, but also to help students and their parents communicate effectively. On the other hand, we focused on improving our management system and corporate culture. Organized in a flat management structure, we take pride in creating a dynamic company where talents interact and inspire. No more complicated workplace relationships; only congenial, smart, and down-to-earth talents remain.
2018The brand influence of IECG Premiere Program is gradually expanding. The students we help are not only from international high schools in the major cities of China, but also from many American high schools. At the same time, our team is expanding. Along the way, we have welcomed more than 70 professors from top American universities. Their research interests cover all disciplines. We also have more than 10 graduates from highly regarded American universities providing comprehensive guidance for the students.

The mission of IECG Premiere Program

Solve the needs of 14-18 years old high schoolers and accompany each of them to grow in their academic career.

Through our IECG Premiere Program, we expect our students to properly assess their strengths and weaknesses in order to further discover their potential. We expect them to set up and achieve a series of goals, to form the habit of giving back to communities, and to make wise decisions for themselves, most importantly their choice of college and major. Overall, we expect students to become better individuals with our guidance.