Sanlyansthan Secondary School

Sanlyansthan Secondary School is located on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal. The school was built in 2011. In addition to a three-story main building, there are three temporary steel-built classrooms. Currently, there are over 100 students in the school, from preschool to the 9th grade, but there are only about 10 local teachers and the occasional volunteer to teach these children. Although Nepal’s economy is lagging, most of the schools have uniforms. For some of the students, the school’s free uniforms served as their first clothing.
The children's simplicity and longing for a better life have deeply touched our hearts. Their desire for knowledge has inspired our volunteers to overcome all kinds of difficulties, and to teach them year after year.

Volunteer Projects

  • Three Engineering Boys’ Volunteering Journey in Nepal

    In July 2017, three student volunteers whom are interested in science and engineering went to the foot of the Himalayas to serve as volunteers. Under the leadership of IECG, they picked up a camera, carried their bags, and climbed over the mountains to Kathmandu to start the wonderful journey of volunteer teaching.

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